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“The Feudal Lord of Saiki is Rich from his Waters”Riches from the ocean of the Bungo Channel and the Kuroshio Ocean Current
I want to try that!
Special rice balls and trendy egg!.
Saiki equals sushi! This is already a well-established fact throughout the region. It’s all due to its rich fishing grounds. The Bungo Channel, where the kuroshio current collides with cold waters from the Seto Inland Sea, is home to over 450 varieties of fish and shellfish. The meat of these fish, massaged by rough ocean waves, is firm and strong. The most satisfying way to ingest these fish must be by hand-rolled sushi. Whether it’s the size of the topping or the taste, this sushi is high-class. Its amazing flavor can make even experienced fishermen groan with pleasure. In the year 2000, a Sushi Summit was held in conjunction with JR Kyushu to publicize Saiki’s sushi. From then on, Saiki sushi’s has gained a reputation even outside the prefecture, and today there are some people who come just to eat the sushi. Bring yourself here and you’ll find if you just walk the streets you’re bound to hit a sushi restaurant somewhere. After all, over 16 stores line the city streets.
This time around I’m visiting Nishiki Sushi. True to its reputation, the taste and ingredients of this sushi make it a true knockout! The colorful array of various sushi is even fun to look at. I immediately pick one up with pleasure and throw it in my mouth. The natural deliciousness of this sushi spreading inside my mouth can’t be beat anywhere else. Each of the 16 sushi stores has its own originally created and prepared dishes. And every store boasts a freshness and size of fish ingredients that are the best in the world. I want everyone from around the world to come here to try out this sushi.
Saiki Sushi
The Nishiki Sushi’s storekeeper has a story about ingredients? While being told the story, the sushi at the counter is so good!
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